My dad saved this story I wrote when I was six. Notice it's folded like a book. Feel free to laugh, I sure did!
What a twist at the! I typed below each page exactly what it things are spelled and
such...I didn't have a clue about spelling and sentences.  I was at church when I wrote this masterpiece!
The girl of her life
By Roxan
Once upon a time there was a girl. She was poor but beautiful. And She had know mother or father. She was dum. She could not go to school. Her mother and father died in a car reck.
One day a lady came and said do you have a home. (The girls name was
Susan) Susan said yes The lady asked where? Oh over there over Where? said the lady a few miles from here. Take me to your home. No Susan Said. I know you don't have a mother or father. I was sent here. I'm your mother. who's my father you don't have one. God
Sent me here to take care of you Because you Trust in God. Oh let's go to my house. There was one thing The lady didn't no that Susan was blind! Oh God new. So he was at her house waiting for her. He touch her and She was not blind.

The End
by Roxan