Rosie poseBack cover of Blood HoldAbout to make the biggest mistake of my life! I briefly got married...never again!!Me and Julie (Grace in my books)...we were besties for many years!Breezie in Belize!The best shrimp scampi I ever had in Corozal, Belize. Says it all...Live, Laugh, Love...words to live by!My hut in Belize.Front yard in Belize...beautiful!Co-piolet...Island hopping in BelizeCo-piolet with the "real" pioletDon't make me come around this desk! This was at a musuem...I did not touch anything...maybe a lil but not a lotMe & Val getting ready to get real dirty!Me & Val...this can't be sanitary...but, oh, so fun!Me & Val running for the cause...Landing at the bottom of 48' slide...eeewww...anyone have a towel?Signing Books Still signing books...Me & Beth Kathleen, Me & it girls! This was a private book much fun!Shantel & MeSigning books...that's all book signing pics for  now...Son Chase...proud moment! The top of his cap said HEY MOM! He's a very funny young man!The top of Chase's graduation cap.Chase & Avery, brother & sister...My proudest accomplishments!Family stockings, Avery, Me & Chase...ROX on the stocking is spelled with it! Me & Janet...she is in the book Blood Hold with her husband Herman.Aaww, yes...this is Herman, he is in the book Blood Hold.  Remember his face, that's not what I will be don't want to miss this...(and it actually happened in real life!)
Avery & Chase...ganstas...2007 LOLMe & Julie playing Thelma & Louise.  We only shot people with water guns, drove off a few curbs but no cliffs and met hot guys but not Brad PittMe at Roxy's in Tahlequah...appears to be a fire on my feet...hhmmSitting on a suitcase in the sand...this was taken for the movie River DownSee there's the suitcase...Robin (sister) & Me...don't know where the shades came fromMost certainly don't know where the chicken hat came from...fell from the sky.With my dad at a winery in Branson, MO...for some reason I was cut-off! Maybe I did get a little rowdyChoke hold....Getting out of the choke hold...I'm comin' out...I want the world to know...that's a song...sorry...It was fun to feel tiny in the big chair! Had to go all the way to Canada to sit in it though...He didn't argue as I told him my ideas for the Top 10 List were better...On the radio at KTFX...babbling...not the best camera angleDiane Gawey, Robin Young (Faron Young's son) & Me...we were filming a movie about Faron Young called Live Fast Love Hard Die Young...This was in 1999Diane Gawey, LeRoy VanDyke & Me filming the same movie about Faron YoungFavorite picture of Chase & Avery! They were 3 & 4 years old.2nd grade school the yarn in my hair...think I will try this look with my granddaughter...when I get one.3rd grade school photo... shut-up!Prom pic...bahahahahaha, snicker, giggle, toot, snort, cackle! 1981 or '82...Senior picture...I know, who wears a cowboy hat in senior pics...I DO APPARENTLY.1987'ish...does it really matter what year? The hair has to go!! Definately the '80s! LOL Other than the hair styles I loved the '80s.After a bounty hunt in sure you wanna mess with me? I'd just soon slap a bad guy as look at 'em!Don't ask...don't know why I was in a man's suit.
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