Roxanna Kay
Roxanna Kay
An Entertaining & Life-Saving Seminar!
A seminar delivered with high-energy, compassion and life-saving techniques. 
Roxanna Kay has the ability to connect with her audience with laughter and
encouraging words.  Everyone leaves with a boost in self-confidence and worth. 
Her zest for life is contagious!
Mike Hardy, Construction Manager

Roxanna Kay teaches self-defense, not martial arts.  There is a difference! 

Through a fast-paced, highly motivational seminar, she shares her story of abuse and why she chose to become a Private Investigator and Bounty Hunter. 

Abuse is not just physical. The mental affects linger for years or even a lifetime.  Roxanna Kay shares her way of getting through the emotional pain, with humor and straightforward truth.

Demonstrating self-defense techniques that are life saving, and boost self-confidence.  Proven techniques that Roxanna Kay has used arresting fugitives. 

Encouraging words entice women to accomplish their dreams and to never give up.  Roxanna Kay shares her dream of becoming an author and has now published two fiction murder mystery books.

This is a seminar that women won’t soon forget!
Him or You?
One of the biggest problems in self-defense is waiting too long to strike.

The bottom line is this:  If someone is attacking you, it is better to act sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more an attacker can cut off the blood to your brain, the air to your lungs, or take you somewhere out of the way to rape or kill you.

If you are attacked, your goal is to get away as quickly and as safely as possible. Of course, in order to escape, you may need to disorient, distract, stun and even disable your attacker. But once you see an avenue to escape, GET AWAY!

It is Roxanna Kay's goal, to teach you how to become an inconvenient target to an attacker. This includes knowing how to make a scene and, if needed, how to gain a momentary edge over your attacker so you can get away or find people who can help you.

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